Credit: Guto Requeno

Brazilian architect Guto Requena has transformed a São Paulo warehouse into a fluorescent nightclub called The Year, featuring an interactive LED cage that responds to the dance moves of revellers.

A censor above the venue’s dance floor – set in the 800 sq m building’s hangar – translates the temperature and movement of people below into lighting effects. DJs can also control the LEDs with their own gyrations.

‘It’s a dance floor that reacts to the guests’ stimulation, working as an extension of their own bodies,’ says the architect.

Elsewhere in the club, a geometric pattern inspired by biological cells lines the ceilings of the club’s bar areas, bathrooms and hallways. The venue also has an outdoor dance floor, equipped with a retractable roof, and an open-air patio surrounded by landscaped gardens.

Credit: Guto Requena
Credit: Guto Requena

Completed late last year, the venue can host DJs, club nights, bands and private parties.

Its opening is the latest step in the turnaround of the city’s Vila Nova Leopoldina area, an old industrial quarter that has become known for its creative scene.

[via designboom]

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