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French artist JR’s latest trick will be to make the Louvre Pyramid in Paris disappear…

‘It’s quite crazy being Parisian, passing the pyramid so often, then today realising I can make changes to it and stick things on top of it to create my work,’ he told the Humans of Paris Facebook page.

At work @museelouvre ? #Paris … Programme sur le site du Louvre #JRauLouvre

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‘I’m going to make the Louvre Pyramid disappear.’

The artist is in the process of wrapping the IM Pei-designed glass structure with an anamorphic image of the 16th-century Louvre Palace that stands behind – removing the pyramid from view.

Sunrise @museelouvre … #workinprogress ? @davidg16er

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‘I find it funny seeing people taking selfies all day in front of the pyramid but always with their back to the Louvre,’ he added. ‘It says a lot about our society where people turn their back on things and focus on themselves.’

Throughout the installation, JR has been documenting the progress of the Pyramid’s disappearing act on his Instagram.

?? … today In Paris @museelouvre ? @1993paris ?? #workinprogress

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Dubbed JR au Louvre, the work will go on display from tomorrow until 27 June.

Almost there … Last touch ? More on @museelouvre #JRauLouvre

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