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Junior Social Media & Content Marketer

We’re on the hunt for a talented and ambitious junior social media & content marketer to join our team in Soho, London. This is an exciting time to be part of the team; our rapidly growing publication – launched in April 2015 – has big projects in the pipeline.

Reporting to the Editor-in-Chief and the Senior Content Marketing Strategist, you will play a pivotal role in building on our success, working closely with our editorial team to implement growth strategies for the site and social platforms.

Your goal:
Help grow and engage our audience and community on social platforms, newsletter and on-site through digital content marketing strategies.


  • We are looking for someone at the early stages or beginning of their career in the field of media and/or marketing
  • You should be a great learner and hungry for knowledge
  • Have some interest in design and/or architecture and/or interiors and/or art
  • Have some experience creating content for multiple platforms (video, photos, gifs, articles etc)
  • Have some experience promoting content you have created yourself, whether on social media or through SEO/SEM
  • Have an appetite for (and experience with) analysing data and metrics to drive new content strategies
  • You should be someone who is interested in the future and changing landscape of digital content
  • Have a basic knowledge of SEO and of monitoring activity and key success metrics
  • Be a good writer with strong attention to detail, alongside good interpersonal skills
  • Be tech savvy – comfortable using a range of online apps and tools to manage, analyse and grow our community and audience

What you’ll be doing:

Guided by the Senior Digital Content Marketer, you will:

  • Analyse data and feedback on content: You will provide feedback to the editorial team on content posted to the site and on social platforms – successes and failures – using our social and on-site data and metrics.
  • Have a company-wide social mindset & approach: Help develop brand-wide social media management approach and mindset, and help ensure all content creators source and publish to all platforms across all time zones with the right tone and style.
  • Manage online marketing & collaborations: Identify, develop and manage online brand/PR campaigns and collaborations that are directly focused on growing our audience. Develop, negotiate and manage these tactic and strategic collaborations. Be the link between us and the other brands on all platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat).
  • Manage our community: Instigate and respond to relevant discussions that might assist in engaging our community and growing it. Facebook groups, Reddit, Twitter conversations.
  • Analyse strategies, data & our competitors: Collect and analyse our own data for all our social content, on-site content, newsletter conversions, competitors strategies, publishing data and audience data to find optimum audience and community growth strategies.
  • Handle growth hacks & strategies based on data: Develop and implement social media distribution and growth-hack strategies based on our own data and competitor insights, brand performance and new platform insights.
  • Create content: Create timely ‘quick’ content (animated gifs, 5 second videos, images etc.) to share on social platforms.
  • Optimise advertising: Ensure efficient advertising spend, primarily on Facebook

Think you’ve got what we’re looking for? Apply today. Closing date for applications: 11 September.

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